Holistic Massage

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What can Holistic Massage do for you?

Stress and pain can each impact the other, and create a vicious cycle that sets the stage for chronic pain and chronic stress. Stress related conditions are becoming more prevalent in society than ever before, therefore, finding ways to better manage stress can not only help relieve pain, but can improve your overall health.

Holistic Massage considers the whole of the individual person, and allows healing on both physical and emotional levels to relax and restore your natural feeling of well being. The more you learn to relax, the quicker you become at accessing this feeling of ease in times of stress. Reducing your stress is a great way of addressing your chronic pain. Likewise, getting your pain under control is a great way of reducing your stress.

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Holistic massage can help you...

  • Relieve stress and encourage relaxation
  • Relieve physical tension and accompanying symptoms
  • Relieve physical aches and pains
  • Improve flexibility and joint mobility
  • Improve stress-related conditions
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
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Learning to relax can help you feel...

  • More in control of your life circumstances
  • More compassion for yourself and others
  • More at ease for extended periods of time
  • More focused, proactive, and productive
  • Well-balanced, well-rested, well-being

Treatment Prices


60 minutes @ £40.00

90 minutes @ £60.00

120 minutes @ £85.00

Students & Seniors

60 minutes @ £30.00

90 minutes @ £45.00

120 minutes @ £65.00

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